New York woman uses $30 lottery win to buy $5M ticket

A New York woman who won $30 from a scratch-off lottery ticket used her winnings to buy another ticket, which earned her $5 million. Photo courtesy of the New York Lottery

May 30 (UPI) — A New York woman said a $30 lottery prize proved doubly lucky when she used it to buy another ticket and scratched off a $5 million winner.

Amerida Quintana, 64, of Brooklyn, told New York Lottery officials she felt lucky after winning $30 from a scratch-off ticket, so she used her winnings to buy a $5,000,000 Bankroll scratch-off game.

Quintana said she was still inside the Hudson News Port Authority store in Manhattan when she scratched off the $5 million prize.

"I screamed inside. I kept quiet about winning. One lady asked if I won anything and I said ‘no, no, no,’" she recalled.

Quintana received a $3,165,200 lump sum after required state and federal tax withholdings. She said she plans to use the money to help her children and enjoy her retirement.

"I just want to enjoy life and not care what anyone else thinks. Why keep it in the bank when it’s meant to be spent," Quintana said.

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